Press Release for the 2013 Nemitsas Prize

The “Takis and Louki Nemitsas” Foundation announced at a press conference this morning that the 2013 Nemitsas Prize in Physics has been awarded to Professor George Efstathiou, of Cambridge University.

Mr. Takis Nemitsas, the Chairman of the Foundation and Mrs. Louki Nemitsas, the Vice Chairman, stated that this was the 4th award and that it is expected to be as successful as the previous ones, despite the adverse conditions due to the financial crises that have had a significant effect on everyone, including the Foundation.

The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Nicos Anastasiades, will present the award to Professor Efstathiou at a ceremony at the Presidential Palace next Thursday, the 10th of October, at 7pm.

It is worth mentioning – and it is touching – that, together with the family of the winner, his parents, who emigrated to England in 1950, will also be attending.

Mr. Marios Mavronicolas, the coordinator of the Foundation, extensively referred to the professor’s scientific work, stressing that Professor Efstathiou is internationally known for his significant contribution to astrophysics and cosmology. He also referred to Mr. Efstathiou’s leading role in the Planck satellite, through which galactic observations were made that led to the identification of structures in the universe. Mr. Mavronicolas expressed the Foundation’s pride at this year’s prize.

Mr. Mavronicolas concluded by saying: “The Nemitsas Foundation will honour Professor Efstathiou, but Professor Efstathiou also honours the Foundation by including the Nemitsas prize among the remarkable number of international prizes he has received”.