Address by the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Nicos Anastasiades at the 8th “NEMITSAS 2018” Award Ceremony of the “Takis and Louki Nemitsas” Foundation Thursday, 4 October 2018

Dear Friends,

It is indeed with great pleasure that I welcome you once again at the Presidential Palace for the “NEMITSAS 2018” award ceremony, organized for the eighth consecutive year by the “Takis and Louki Nemitsas” Foundation.

An award ceremony in line with the vision and goals set by my dear friends, Takis and Louki, in recognition and in reward of the exemplary achievements of leading Cypriot scientists who have excelled in their fields of expertise, both in Cyprus and abroad.

The “Takis and Louki Nemitsas” Foundation, remaining true to its founding objectives, both by establishing the said awards and through the overall events that it organizes, has managed to highlight the important international accomplishments of our compatriots, in various sectors of art and science.

A further objective of the Foundation has also been the active encouragement in a practical manner of young people to undertake initiatives in pursuit of excellence, through the use of their knowledge, skills and experiences, with the aim of positively contributing to addressing major challenges of our era.

In this context, the decision taken by the International Experts’ Committee and the Board of Directors of the Foundation to award the “NEMITSAS 2018” to Ms. Anastasia, honoring her contribution to the evolution of the Information technology sector, serves the aforementioned objectives in the best possible way.

Taking also into account the fact that this is a sector which now constitutes an integral part of our daily lives in a modern era in which rapid developments take place, the projects and research undertaken by Ms. Ailamaki have proven of great significance and fully justify the decision to honor her with this year’s award.

As a consequence of her extensive and fulfilling studies in computer science and her research in communication between database software and both the application layer and underlying hardware platforms, Ms. Ailamaki has achieved distinguished achievements in the academic, scientific and business fields.

The research work she has pursued, with the vision of developing technology which would effectively address problems of the modern globalised world, has greatly contributed to the development of relevant knowledge and application systems, providing answers to issues relating to specialized scientific fields, such as health, neuroscience and astronomy.

Focused and committed at the same time to achieving excellence in research and education, Ms. Ailamaki teaches her students the value of maintaining high standards, achieving though her own example to inspire and guide them, leading them to distinguish themselves through their own achievements.

Mrs. Ailamaki, your wide-ranging contribution has already been recognized with the many awards you have so far received, honoring your person, your science and your homeland.

I am certain that this new accolade will provide to be a yet another incentive in order to develop even more projects for the progress of humanity.

Dear Friends,

Undoubtedly, the plethora of entries submitted each year within the framework of the awards ceremony and the wide range of sciences and arts every year in which the candidates excel, aptly demonstrate the remarkable potential and capabilities of the human workforce of our homeland.

It is on this dynamic workforce and in advancing its capabilities that we currently invest on, in order to provide the impetus that Cyprus needs, despite its small population size, in order to be an active part of the global economic, technological and social environment developments.

Ever since the assumption of our duties, our aim and commitment, through the development, adoption and promotion of applicable proposals, has been to establish a result-oriented environment for our scientists and provide them with the necessary tools to evolve their creativity and develop initiatives in research and innovation.

And it is in this context that we consider as invaluable the noble initiative of Takis and Louki Nemitsas to establish their Foundation, donating a part of their property to the Republic of Cyprus, whilst the Board of Directors, the Academic Council, the Secretary, the Coordinator and the various committees of the Foundation offer pro bono services.

This initiative on the hand reinforces our aforesaid efforts and plans and on the other hand offers us the opportunity to recognize and reward the work and achievements of our distinguished compatriots.

Dear Friends,

In concluding, I would like to yet again warmly congratulate Ms. Anastasia Ailamaki who receives tonight’s award, as well as the rest of the outstanding nominees, and to express the pride, appreciation and gratitude of the entire Cypriot people for their distinguished professional careers.

Allow me to also congratulate and express the State’s gratitude towards the International Experts’ Committee for the admittedly difficult task of evaluating the nominations and the Board of Directors, the Academic Council, the Secretary, the Coordinator and the supporters of the Foundation which advance and enhance its founding principles.

The Republic of Cyprus is deeply proud of the exceptional work the “Takis and Louki Nemitsas’ Foundation is carrying out by promoting the noble objectives which characterize its so far course and we wish every success in its future endeavors.

Thank you.